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Research Project

LIME (Life Cycle Impact Assessment Method based on Endpoint Modeling)

We have developed the Life-cycle Impact Assessment (LCIA) Method based on Endpoint modeling, or what we call "LIME". LIME is used to evaluate the damage on endpoints such as human health and ecological risk caused by 11 impact categories, including global warming, human toxicity and resource consumption. It involves disciplines such as natural science; epidemiology, climatology, conservation biology, health statistics and social science; environmental economics, sociology, psychology and others. LIME is a high-level interdisciplinary research in the environment field and is already making significant contributions worldwide.

Furthermore, to meet the various objectives of LCA in practice, we developed three types of lists which can be applied to every step of LCIA: characterization, damage assessment and weighting. These lists cover over 1000 substances, and have already released on the web. The results of weighing can be expressed as momentary values and will have practical applications in the fields of environmental efficiency, life cycle cost and environmental acccounting.

List of the main research papers

All papers as below are published in the proceedings of the 6th International Conference on Ecobalance in 2004.

[Authors(Name: Research Center for Life Cycle Asessment)]
LIME -A Comprehensive Japanese LCIA Methodology based on Endpoint Modeling-
Norihiro Itsubo and Atsushi Inaba
Uncertainty Analysis of Biodiversity Damage Assessment Caused by Resource Extraction
Ryouta Ii*, Kazuko Abe*, Norihiro Itsubo, Atsushi Inaba [*Environment Division, Pacific Consultants Co., Ltd.]
Uncertainty Analysis on Damage Functions of Air Pollutants
Yuko Nagata*, Norihiro Itsubo, Atsushi Inaba [*Fuji Research Institute Corporation]
Uncertainty-Analysis of Damage Factors on Human Health Caused by Toxic Substances
C.Yoshigahara*, N.Itsubo, Y.Nagata*, and A.Inaba [*Fuji Research Institute Co.]
Development of Life-Cycle Impact Assessment Method for Road Transport Noise
Ai Nakagawa*, Ryouta Ii*, Norihiro Itsubo, Atsushi Inaba@[*Environment Dept., Pacific Consultants Co. Ltd.]
Damage Factor of Lead on Human Health for an Application in Life Cycle Impact Assessment
Jaesung NOH, Norihiro ITSUBO, Atsushi INABA
An Application of Advanced Method in Environmental Economics to Weighting in LCIA
Masaji Sakagami *, Norihiro Itsubo, Toyoaki Washida **, Katsuhiko Kokubu#, Koichi Kuriyama ##, Atsushi Inaba [* Department of Social and Information Sciences, Nihon Fukushi University, ** Toyohashi Sozo University, #Graduate School of Business administration, Kobe University, ## School of Political Science and Economics, Waseda University]
Estimation of product sustainability by combining quality, environmental, and economic aspects
Pil-Ju Park, Kiyotaka Tahara, Norihiro Itsubo, Atsushi Inaba
The Overview of IMS Project EFSOT Japan 2003
Masahide Okamoto*1, Koji Serizawa*1, Hiroshi Satoh*2, Momoko Chiba*3, Kazuyuki Omae*4, Eiji Hirao*5,
Shinya Nakamoto*5, Norihiro Itsubo, Atsushi Inaba, Tadashi Takemoto*6 and Hiroshi Nishikawa*6 [*1 Hitachi Ltd., Production Engineering Research Laboratory, *2 Tohoku University Graduate School of Medicine, *3 Juntendo University School of Medicine, *4 Keio University School of Medicine, *5 NEC Corporation, *6 Osaka University, CRCAST]
Life Cycle Impact Assessment of Printing System with Decolorable Ink"e-blueTM"
Hideki Kobayashi*, Norio Takeyama*, Yoshinori Kobayashi*, Norihiro Itsubo [* Toshiba Corporation]
Development of site-specific LCA method using Expanded Interregional Input Output Analysis
Ilseuk YI*, Norihiro Itsubo, Kiyotaka Tahara, Atsushi Inaba, Kanzi Matsumoto* [* *Yokohama National University, Japan]
Life Cycle Impact Assessment of a Non-fluorocarbon Refrigerator
Kumiko AMEMIYA*, Norio TAKEYAMA*, Hideki KOBAYASHI*, Hideharu HATANAKA**, Norihiro ITSUBO [* Corporate Research & Development Center, Toshiba Corp., ** Refrigerator Products Dept., Toshiba HA Products Co., Ltd.]
Life Cycle Assessment of Tobacco Considering Health Impacts of Smoking
Ryusuke INOUE*, Kiyotaka TAHARA, Norihiro ITSUBO, Atsushi INABA, Shiro MATSUMOTO* [* Saitama University Graduate School]
An Assessment of Environmental Impacts and Effectiveness to the Society Caused by the Conversion of Conventional Solder into Lead-free Solder
Norihiro Itsubo, Jaesung Noh and Atsushi Inaba
LCIA Case Study of Beverage Packaging Employing LIME
A. Fujimori*, N. Itsubo [* Dai Nippon Printing Co., Ltd. (DNP)]

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