METI-LIS Version2


This model was developed for a better simulation of downdraft effect accompanying low emission sources.

The METI-LIS puts special importance to expressing the effect of downdraft when building data around the sources are given, while it gives solutions of simple Gaussian plume and puff formula for elevated sources.

Basic concept of formulation follows that of the ISC model (US-EPA), with improved parameterization after new experiments.

The PC software and manual documents in English can be downloaded.
        (Access to METI-LIS Japanese Version is possible from 
           the CRM homepage--> “Exposure Assessment Models” in Japanese.)

IMPORTANT NOTICE: A severe defect was found in Version 2.02, and was replaced by the present version (Version 2.03) on 21 June 2006. All the users of the METI-LIS who downloaded it before this date are requested to transfer to the newest version. Results of Version 2.02 were not always affected by the above-mentioned defect. See the detail in ‘Other information’